Introducing Mint OG

Curated THC | CBD | CBN Ratio for Rest

In the heart of a mist-covered forest, where mountains touch the sky and trees whisper secrets to the wind, lives a remarkable snowboard-loving “Pensona” named Mint OG. This magical athlete of the woods thrives in snowy terrains, no matter where they are in the world.

Mint OG's origins are a magical cross between the legendary OG Kush and the enchanting Kush Mint. A true lover of the great outdoors, Mint OG's presence brings a unique harmony to the mountains when they effortlessly glide down the slopes leaving behind a trail of minty freshness with a hint of chocolate and pine. Unlike others, Mint OG boasts 2 Grams of “adventure” with the most powerful hardware to match.

As the moon rises and the stars paint the sky each night, Mint OG looks forward to enjoying a “potion” that washes over them like a gentle blanket of snow. The magic of Mint OG's "potion" was in its ingredients – THC, CBD, and CBN, working together to offer a balanced, blissful experience. Sleep is essential for Mint OG to rejuvenate their mind and body each night to prepare for long days of exhilaration & movement. The primary terpenes, Myrcene, Humulene, and Pinene act as a symphony of flavors and effects.

After a few hits of their “potion,” a sense of relaxation washes over Mint OG as happiness bubbles up. Eventually it spills into laughter and carefree smiles as the night grows deeper. Soon after, a peaceful sleepiness lulls Mint OG into dreams of wondrous landscapes to explore. The legend of Mint OG continues to spread far and wide, whispered among athletes, adventurers, and seekers of true rest and recovery. It has become not just a flavor, but a guide to those who long to discover the balance within themselves. As the seasons change and the mountains stand tall, Mint OG continues to embody the spirit of tranquility wherever they shred.

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