Make your holiday shopping a breeze with our expertly curated Holiday Gift Guide. From cozy winter styles to must-have stoner essentials, we've got you covered! Browse our unique selection of tees, hoodies, active wear, accessories and more! Snag the best stocking stuffers with our All In One Devices, Concentrates, and Tanks to keep you jolly all season long. Take a peek at our gift guide to help you pick the perfect gifts this holiday season.

Suit up for the holiday season with our Dime active collection. Keep the energy flowing with our All In One Strawberry Cough. This energizing and euphoric Sativa is the perfect strain to keep you going all day. After a day of festive activities, unwind and relax with our Banana Mac, a seamlessly smooth hybrid that delivers rejuvenating and euphoric effects. This is the perfect gift for any stoner on-the-go! 
The key to a good sesh is having the basic necessities: lighter, ashtray, good weed and a rolling tray. We’ve curated the best of the best to add to your collection. Indulge your senses with Kush Mints and Sour Grape. The best strains for any sesh, Kush Mints offers a relaxed and uplifting mood while Sour Grape is great for social outings by offering a calm and relaxing high. Embrace the cozy vibes with our Embossed Hoodie to keep you warn all season long. This gift set is a perfect blend of style, functionality for the ultimate escape.
For the one’s always on the move, our Jet Setter” collection is tailored to enhance every adventure. The travel-fit includes our New Winter Collection, offering the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Elevate the journey with King Louis XXI and Jet Fuel, the best all-in-one devices for any vacation. King Louis XXI is a powerful Indica that leaves you in a state of complete bliss, while Jet Fuel offers a high-energy jolt of uplifting effects that provide a dream-like state of relaxation. The ideal companion for any jet setter’s expeditions. 
Indulge in the tranquility of the season , thoughtfully curated for a serene and blissful holiday experience. Unveil the magic with Blueberry Lemon Haze, a powerful Sativa designed to recharge your spirit and infuse your holiday season with energizing vibes. Continue the holiday cheer with Wedding Cake, a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria packed with sweet, creamy flavors. These strains are not just gifts; they’re an invitation to find tranquility amidst the holiday hustle.
Celebrate the season with our “Holiday Bliss” gift set, a harmonious blend of festive cheer and the unparalleled bliss of Dime Industries. Unwrap the joy of the season with Cantaloupe Runts and Sour Tangie. These Powerful sativas offer a pungent taste while delivering an energetic and uplifting high. The Holiday Bliss experience continues with our Live Reserve Papaya. A calming and focusing hybrid that leaves you feeling serene during a busy season. Create an unforgettable holiday experience with our award winning All In One Devices.
Explore the full spectrum of our concentrates, featuring Dimonds, Badder, Rosin, Sauce, Sugar, and Crumble. Whether you’re seeking the crystalline purity of Dimonds, the velvety consistency of Badder, the potent and flavorful essence of Rosin, this gift allows you to tailor the perfect dab experience to your preferences. Give the gift of choice and elevate the holiday spirit with a dab before Christmas that promises a personalized and memorable experience for your loved ones.
Unveil the holiday magic with “Santa’s Stash,” our ultimate all-in-one device gift guide that encapsulates the pinnacle of Dime’s offerings. This exclusive collection features our Signature Line, Apple Gelato, a well-rounded hybrid designed for a lasting, energizing high. The festivities continue with the Sunset Sherbet 1000mg Rosin device, a hybrid marvel delivering powerful full-body effects heightened by a burst of cerebral energy and a carefree state of mind. To balance the holiday hustle, we’ve included our Balance Line, Mint OG, specially crafted to soothe the night-before-Christmas jitters. The 2000mg All-In-One device in this guide boasts a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, providing a perfectly balanced high. Santa’s Stash is not just a gift; it’s a journey through the finest strains and devices, ensuring your loved ones experience the true magic of the season.