Since 2016 we've been committed to being a top leading cannabis brand using only the highest quality cannabis and hardware in every device . With over 7 years of expanding our product lines, perfecting our strains and devices, we have spread to over 4 states and two countries. This year alone we have developed over 10 new strains, created two successful collabs, a top selling limited edition flavor, and our brand new 2g Balance Line. Our passion for creating the best products has been our commitment since day one...

Dime Industries began with a passion for the best tasting products and a drive to create the most convenient and discrete all in one devices in the industry. Our journey began in 2016 and quickly gained momentum. In 2017 we fully established ourselves in California and began creating new products and developing our brand. This was the start of Dime Industries, as we know today. We began to develop our logo, design our 600mg devices and curate a vision for our brand. With higher thinking and a dream; we continued to grow, expand, and innovate our way through the industry.

In 2020 we spread into Oklahoma, quickly expanding into major retail locations. We expanded our signature line and launched our first limited edition 1000mg Tank. We began to grow bigger and bigger between California and Oklahoma so in 2021, we expanded into Arizona.

2021: With the launch of Dime Industries in Arizona, we found new possibilities and ways to innovate the industry. We launched our 3rd Gen battery and our first 1000mg All in One Device. We quickly took over the Arizona market, popping up in more and more retail locations. We saw the growth and the love DIME had received in all three states, so we took things a step further.

In 2022 we officially launched Dime Industries in Canada. This was our biggest expansion to date. We received so much support from our first out of state launch, that we were motivated to work even harder. We didn't stop there, we launched our first 2000mg All In One Devices in Oklahoma, launched our Live Reserve Line and redesigned all our 1000mg devices with new colors and hardware. With the success of 2022, we knew 2023 had to be even bigger.

In July of 2023, we officially landed in New Mexico. Dime Industries quickly gained momentum and gained the title of a top cannabis brand in all of New Mexico. We had our biggest and baddest launches of the year. We rerelease of our Limited Edition Pink Lemon Haze, we dropped Whoah - Si- Whoah, our top selling collaboration with Top Shelf Cultivations, our new 5th Gen Battery with redesigned hardware, Rosin Line and our 2g Balance Line with 1G of THC and 1G of CBD. 2023 isn't over yet, and we are excited to share with you what we've been cooking up.

We have come a long way since our beginning but through trial and error, we have established and continue to redefine the cannabis industry. Thank you for your countless support, we wouldn't be where we are today without all of you. We can't wait to share with you what the future holds, keep thinking higher.