Things you secretly needed to know for the best experience and how to properly care for your Dime device.


1. Take Five Second Hits

Trust us, we all know you want to take big hits and see those giant clouds of smoke but with Dime Industries hardware, you’re guaranteed big clouds of vapor every time. Our Tanks and All in One Devices are designed with dual ceramic plates to evenly heat our material, giving you a smooth potent hit every time.


2. Preheat, Preheat, Preheat.

For a smooth, flavorful hit, we recommend preheating new devices or devices that haven’t been hit within 10-15 minutes. To preheat your battery, click the button on your DIME Battery or All In One Device twice and the oil will heat to the preset temperature. Now it’s ready to hit and enjoy!

USB-C Charging

3. Charging Your Device

Our Award Winning Hardware is charged and ready for use upon opening. Each device provides enough power to last all day, all week, or even all month for light users. You can recharge your battery with a USB-C charging cord.

dime4thgenbattery_wallpaper copy

4. Quick Recharge

Our devices only take 20 minutes to fully charge. We recommend charging the device after you have fully drained the battery and the light is flashing red. Overcharging the battery can lead to serious problems with the performance of your device. Please refrain from over charging your device or leaving it to charge overnight.


5. Proper Battery Storage

It’s best to store your device at room temperature to avoid exposing the device to excess heat (95° or higher). You should always store your device in the upright position. We recommend using our packaging as a carrying case to keep your device safe and clean in between use.